Yonder where the country roads curved, was farm so beautiful.

There in the cosy and embracble countryside, fond memories of an eternal summer, where the fields of rye were yellow, the oats were green, and the haystacks piled up i the meadows, lived my childhood memories. Where us children played in the fields from golden sunrise till we came home with the cows.

The nearest village was only a few miles away as the crow flies. No shops there. Later in life I would shop in Berlin, London and Monaco, a far cry from the childhood village. ..........Plus tard dans la vie, je voudrais aller faire du shopping à Berlin, Londres et Monaco, loin du village d'enfance.

Next stop was Hobro. In a nice house on a hill top, garden of 32000 sq. ft. with a view of the city and neighbouring a 1,000 years of history in the Viking Fortress Fyrkat.

Schooling, higher secondary education. I have always loved to aquire new knowledge

Then one day one woke up and suddenly the innocence of the  youth years were over and I moved to the country´s capital Copenhagen.