Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm

King Christian IX of Denmark had 6 children by Queen Louise, including

KIng Georg I of Greece had 8 children by Queen Olga of Greece, including:

King Constantine I of Greece had 6 children by Queen Sophie of Greece, including:

King Paul of Greece had 3 children by Queen Fredericia of Greece, including:

King Constantine II of Greece have 5 children by Queen Anne-Marie:

Princess Alexia  
born 1965 

married 9 June 1999 

at St. Sophia Cathedral,

Carlos Morales Quintana

born 1970

Princess Theodora

born 1983 

Prince Filippos

born 1986 

married 12 December to

Princess Nina

née Flohr

born 1992

Princess Alexia have 4 children by Carlos Morales:

Crown Prince Pavlos have 5 children by Crown Princess Marie Chantal:

• Aritetta Morales 
born 2002

• Ana Maria Morales
born 2003

• Carlos Morales
born 2005

• Amelia Morales
born 2007