Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm

King Christian IX of Denmark 1818-1906 / reign: 1863 - 1906

married 26 May 1842 to

Princess Louise of Hessen-Kassel / Queen Louise 1817-1898

King Christian IX had 6 childen by Queen Louise, including:


Albert Edward

King Edward VII had 6 children by Queen Alexandra, including:


George Frederick Ernest Albert

King George V had 6 children by Queen Mary, including:


Albert Frederick Arthur George

King George VI had 2 children by Queen Elizabeth:

Queen Elizabeth have 4 children by Prince Philip, including:

Princess Magaret had 2 children by Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Earl ofSnowdon

married 1.  1981-1997 to

lady Diana Spencer / Princess DIana


married 8 October 1993 to:

Serena Stanhope /
Countess of Snowdon 1970-

married 14 July 1994 to:

Daniel St George Chatto 1957-

Charles, Prince of Wales 2 children by

Princess DIana:

 David Armstrong-Jones,
Earl of Snowdon have 2 children by
Serena, Countess of Snowdon:

 Lady Sarah Chatto have 2 sons by

Daniel St George Chatto:

Arthur Chatto


Samuel Chatto


Prince Willam have 3 children by Cathreine, Duchess og Cambridge:

Prince Henry has 1 son by
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex: