Queen Victoria´s great-grandchildren:

The children of

Princess Alice of Albany, Countess of Athlone (1883 - 1981) &

Alexander Cambridge, 1st Earl of Athlone (1874 - 1957)

married 10 February 1904

Princess May 
of Teck,
Lady May Abel Smith

1906 - 1994

Prince Rubert

of Teck,
Viscount Tremanton

11907 - 1928

Lady May Helen Emma Abel Smith (formerly Lady May Cambridge, née Princess May of Teck; 23 January 1906 – 29 May 1994)[1] was a relative of the British Royal Family. She was a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria and a niece of Queen Mary.

had issue

Prince Rupert of Teck (Rupert Alexander George Cambridge; 24 August 1907 – 15 April 1928) was a member of the British Royal Family, a great grandson of Queen Victoria. During World War I, the British Royal Family relinquished their Germanic titles, and Prince Rupert assumed the style Viscount Trematon in 1917..

Children of Lady May Abel Smith



Sir Henry Abel Smith


Anne Liddell-Grainger


Richard Abel Smith


Elizabeth Alice Abel Smith