i Danmark





Kong Frederik X

født 26 maj 1968

Forbundne, forpligtet,

for kongeriget Danmark

Dronning Margrethe II

født 16 april 1940

14 januar 1972 -

14 januar 2024

Guds hjælp, folkets kærlighed,

Danmarks styrke

Kong Frederik IX

11. marts 1899 – 
14. januar 1972

20 april 1947 -
14 januar 1972

Med Gud for Danmark

Kong Christian X

26 september 1870 -
20 april1947

14 maj 1912 -
20 april 1947

Min Gud, mit Land, min Ære

Kong Frederik VIII

29 januar 1906 -
14 maj 1912

Herren er min Hjælper

Kong Christian IX

08 april 1818 -
29 januar 1906

15 november 1863 -
29 januar 1906

Med Gud for Ære og Ret

In 2008, the Danish parliament voted in favour of a new royal succession law that allows a first-born child to one day ascend the throne regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, similar to that of Sweden and Norway. The bill was voted through two successive parliaments, and submitted to a referendum, ensuring that, in future, the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark would be the monarch's first-born child. However, the 'yes' did not change the actual line of succession at that time.

The Crown Princess gave birth to twins on 8 January 2011. Upon their birth, the twins assumed the fourth and fifth place in the line of succession, according to the absolute primogeniture principle adopted, thereby not giving Prince Vincent precedence over his older sister Princess Isabella