Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm

King Christian IX of Denmark had 6 children by Queen Louise, including

KIng Georg I of Greece had 8 children by Queen Olga of Greece, including:

King Constantine I of Greece had 6 children by Queen Sophie of Greece, including:

King Paul of Greece had 3 children by Queen Fredericia of Greece, including:

King Constantine II of Greece have 5 children by Queen Anne-Marie:

Princess Alexia  
born 1965 

married 9 June 1999 

at St. Sophia Cathedral,

Carlos Morales Quintana

born 1970

Prins Nicolaos 
born 1969

married 2010 - 2023 

Princess Tatiana
née Blatnik

born 1980 -

Princess Theodora

born 1983


Prince Filippos

born 1986 

married civil 12 December 2020 +
religious 23 October 2021 Metropolitan Cathedral, Athens

Princess Nina

née Flohr

born 1992

Princess Alexia have 4 children by Carlos Morales:

Crown Prince Pavlos have 5 children by Crown Princess Marie Chantal:

• Aritetta Morales 
born 2002

• Ana Maria Morales
born 2003

• Carlos Morales
born 2005

• Amelia Morales
born 2007