Yugoslavia / Serbia


Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm

King Christian IX of Denmark had 6 children by Queen Louise, including

KIng Georg I of Greece had 8 children by Queen Olga of Greece, including:

King Constantine I of Greece had 6 children by Queen Sophie of Greece, including:

King Alexander of Greece had one daughter by Madame Aspasia Manos:

married in


Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia had one child by KIng Peter II of Yugoslavia:

maried 1:  1972 - 1985 to

Princess Maria da Gloria d´Orléans-Braganza

born 1946

Crown Prince Alexander have 3 sons by Princess Maria da Gloria:

Peter, Prince of Yoguslavia

[ On April 27, 2022, Prince Peter renounced his title of Hereditary Prince – for himself and his descendants]

• Prince Philip;

Hereditary Prince of Serbia

born 1982

married 7 October 2017 to

Princess Danica (née Marinković)
born 1986

Peter has a daughter born in 2017 by Lauren Estelle Jones.

children of Prince Phillip &
Princess Danica

• Prince Stefan
born 2018
• Princess Marija
born 2023