Queen Victoria´s great-grandchildren:

The children of

Princess Margaret of Connaught / Crown Princess of Sweden (1882 - 1920) &

Gustaf Adolf, Crown Prince of Sweden, to be King Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden (1882 - 1950, reign 1950 - 1973)

married 5 Juni 1905

Prince Gustaf Adolf,

Duke of Västerbotten

1906 - 1947

Prince Sigvard
of Sweden,

Duke of Uppland,
Count of Wisborg

Sigvard Bernadotte

1907 - 2002

Princess Ingrid 

of Sweden,
Queen Consort of Denmark

1910 - 2000

Prince Gustaf Adolf Oscar Fredrik Arthur Edmund, Duke of Västerbotten (22 April 1906 – 26 January 1947) was a Swedish prince, directly in line of succession to the Swedish throne.

Prince Gustaf Adolf was killed in an airplane crash in 1947.

had issue

Prince Bernadotte

Count of Wisborg (7 June 1907 – 4 February 2002), was a Swedish prince and industrial designer

1951, for himself, his wife and his marital descendants, Bernadotte was admitted by Grand Duchess Charlotte (head of state at the time) into the nobility of Luxembourg with the title Count of Wisbor

had issue

Ingrid of Sweden (Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta; 28 March 1910 – 7 November 2000) was Queen of Denmark from 1947 until 1972 as the wife of King Frederick IX.

Born into the House of Bernadotte, she was the daughter of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden and his first wife, Princess Margaret of Connaught. In 1935 she married Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and they had three daughters, Margrethe, the present Queen of Denmark, Benedikte, now a Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, and Anne-Marie, the former Greek queen.

In 1947, her husband became king on his father's death. As queen, Ingrid reformed the traditions of Danish court life, abolished many old-fashioned customs at court and created a more relaxed atmosphere at official receptions. King Frederick IX died in 1972, and Ingrid's daughter Margrethe became queen.

She was also a paternal aunt of the present Swedish monarch, King Carl XVI Gustaf.

had issue

Prince Bertil
of Sweden

Duke of Halland

1912 - 1997

Prince Carl Johan of Sweden,

Count of Wisborg

1916 - 2012

(Bertil Gustaf Oskar Carl Eugén; 28 February 1912 – 5 January 1997), was a member of the Swedish royal family

In 1943, Bertil had met his long-term partner, Welsh commoner Lilian Craig.

marriage of Bertil and Lilian, which took place at Drottningholm Palace on 7 December 1976. Lillian then was made HRH Princess Lilian, Duchess of Halland.

She died in 2013

no issue

He was born a Prince of Sweden and granted the title of Duke of Dalarna but renounced these titles to marry a commoner. He was a paternal uncle of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and a maternal uncle of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece.

On 2 July 1951, for himself, his wife and his marital descendants, he was admitted by Grand Duchess Charlotte (head of state at the time) into the Luxembourgois nobility with the title Count of Wisborg

Children of

Prince Gustaf Adolf,

Duke of Västerbotten


Princess Sibylla
of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

( 1908 - 1972)

Children of

Prince Sigvard
of Sweden,Duke of Uppland,

Count of Wisborg Sigvard Bernadotte


 Sonia Robbert

Children of

Princess Ingrid of Sweden,
Queen Consort of Denmark

Crown Prince Frederik,
King Frederik IX of Denmark

1899 - 1972,

reign 1947 - 1972

Princess Margaretha,
Mrs. Ambler 

1934 - 

Count Michael Sigvard Bernadotte af Wisborg
1944 - 

Queen Margrethe II
of Denmark
1940 - ,

reign 1972 -

Princess Birgitta of Sweden,
Princess of Hohenzollern

1937 - 

Princess Benedikte

of Denmark

1944 -  

Princess Désirée,
Baroness Silfverschiöld

1938 - 


Queen of the Hellens
1946 -

Princess Christina,
Mrs. Magnuson

1943 -