Majestatea Sa Margareta, Custode al Coroanei României

H.M. Margareta, Crown Princess and Custodian of the Crown of Romania 

Kings of the House of Glyksborg:

1st reign

1927 – 1930


2nd reign

 1940 – 1947

Line of succession



01 Crown Princess Margareta


daughter of

King MIchael I &

Queen Anne

02 Princess Elena


daughter of

King MIchael I &

Queen Anne

03 Elisabeta Karina de Roumanie


Daughter of

Prinsesse Elena &

Robin Medforth-Mills)

04 Princesse Sophie


daughter of

King MIchael I &

Queen Anne

05 Elisabeta Maria de Roumanie Biarneix


daughter of

Princess Sophie &

Alain Biarneix

06 Princess Maria


daughter of

King MIchael I &

Queen Anne

The above list includes all the dynastic members of the present royal family. After former King Michael I, the line will not continue with the German Hohenzollern genus. In fact, this private statute only allows explicitly only direct descendants of King Michael. Unlike the old inheritance rules, the German Hohenzolls are no longer mentioned as potential heirs.

King Parent's daughter Irina (Walker) - born in 1953. On October 29, 2014, King MIchael changed the succession and removed Irina's royal titles and removed her and her two children from the succession.