I express my best thank you to His Royal HIghness Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark for writing these words of introduction to my site.

Jeg takker Hans Kongelige Højhed Prins MIchael af Grælenland og Danmark for at have skrevet fordord til min site.


“Jan Jacobsen,is,I believe,the most knowledgeable on King Christian IX of Denmark,my great grand father,and his descendance.

He has the passion of his subject which makes the true historian.

I wish him  every success with his site.

Michael,Prince of Greece.


"Jan Jacobsen, tror jeg, den mest kyndige på Kong Christian IX fra Danmark, min oldefar og hans nedstigning.

Han har lidenskab for sit fag, som gør den sande historiker.

Jeg ønsker ham held og lykke med sit websted.

Michael, prins af Grækenland.

Prince MIchael of Greece and Denmark bears his double title because his grandfather, the Danish-born King Georg I of Greece (king from 1863 - 1913) decided that his descendants should carry both titles.

As male-line descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark, members of the dynasty bear the title of Prince or Princess of Denmark and thus are traditionally referred to as "Princes" or "Princesses of Greece and Denmark"

H.R.H. Prince Michael´s genealogy

Titles and styles

  • 7 January 1939 – present: His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark.


Foreign honours

Præsentation ved H.K.H. Prins Michael af Grækenland og Danmark

Presentation by H.R.H. Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark