H.R.H. Princess Dagmar of Danmark, H.I.M Empress Marija Fjodorovna of Russia1847-1928

Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar, in Russia called Marija Fjodorovna (Russian: Мария Фёдоровна) (November 26, 1847 - October 13, 1928) was a Danish princess, daughter of King Christian 9 and Russian Empress, married to Emperor Alexander 3.

Dagmar became the mother of Russia's last emperor, Nicholas II, who was murdered after the Russian Revolution in 1917. Dagmar survived the revolution and moved back to Denmark. She was Russia's last last surviving crowned person.


Christian Carl Frederik AlbertAlexander Vilhelm

King Christian IX had 6 children by Queen Louise, including:


Marie Sophie Frederikke Dagmar

Empress Marija Feodorovna had 6 children by Emperor Alexander III:

the Russian Empress Maria (Dagmar) was called: "Maria Feodorovna", which means "daughter of Fyodor (a man) (Fyordor means "son of God").

The Empress Consort before her was called "Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, Tsesarevna of Russia". 

Tsaritsa or Tsarina (in Russian Царица) was the title of the female ruler of Russia or the title of a Tsar’s wife. 
It was officially used from 1547 – 1721 when the title changed to Empress although Tsaritsa or Tsarina was sometimes still used.

Tsarevich (in Russian Царевич) was the title given to Tsars’ sons before the 18th century.

Tsarevna (in Russian Царевна) was used before the 18th century as the title for the daughter of a Tsar or the wife of a Tsarevich

a patronymic is the second name derived from the father’s first name: 

the suffix -vich means “son of” 

the suffixes -eva, -ova, and -ovna means “daughter of”.