Prince Alexander of Battenberg,

1 st. Marquess of Carisbrooke

1886 - 1960

Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg,
Queen Consort of Spain

1887 - 1969

Prince Leopold

of Battenberg,

Lord Leopold

1889 - 1922

(born Prince Alexander of Battenberg; 23 November 1886 – 23 February 1960) was a British RoyalNavy officer, a member ofthe Hessian princely Battenberg family and a grandson of Queen Victoria.

had issue

(Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena; 24 October 1887 – 15 April 1969) was Queen of Spain as the wife of King Alfonso XIII

had issue

was a British Army officer and a descendant of the Hessian princely Battenberg family and the British Royal Family. A grandson of Queen Victoria, he was known as Prince Leopold of Battenberg from his birth until 1917, when the British Royal Family relinquished their German titles during World War I, and the Battenberg family changed their name to Mountbatten

Prince Maurice

of Battenberg

1891 - 1914

(Maurice Victor Donald; 3 October 1891 – 27 October 1914) was a member of the Hessian princely Battenberg family.

The Prince served in World War I as a Lieutenant in the King's Royal Rifle Corps, and was killed in action at Zonnebeke

Queen Victoria´s grandchildren:

The children of

Princess Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg (1857 - 1944) &

Prince Henry of Battenberg 1(858 - 1896)

married 23 July 1885