Sa Majesté le roi des Belges.

Zijne Majesteit de Koning der Belgen

Seine Majes der König der Belgier

H.M. King Philippe

King of the Belgians

Sa Majesté la reine des Belges.

Zijne Majesteit der Koningin der Belgen

Seine Majes der Königin der Belgier

H.M. Queen Mathilde,

Queen of the


Kings of the house of Glyksborg:


2013 -

1993 - 2013

1951 - 1993

King Philippes parents:

Under the Belgian constitution, the Belgian monarch is referred to as "the King of Belgium" rather than "King of Belgium" to reflect the monarchy's constitutional and popular function, in the whole of Belgium.

Since 1991, girls and boys have equal access to the throne in Belgium. Philippe's oldest daughter, Elisabeth, is No. 1 in the succession and will in time become the country's first reigning queen.